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Reasons for a Quality Management Process

The reasons for a quality management process to be documented for your next business venture will help to set your credibility level amongst your customers. This document is where the specifications are laid out, in detail, for your customers to know just what to expect when they receive your deliverable. It is also the place your quality assurance team will be able to locate the information they need.

The quality management process specifically puts into writing just what level of quality your deliverable will be at. The specifications in these documents will be in a range. This will allow your target audience to be aware of just what they will be receiving when they purchase your product for use by their organization. This is necessary since with an increase in quality generally comes an increase in price. Most organizations look for the lowest cost products that will meet their needs or specification.

The quality management process will also have the information that is necessary for your quality assurance team to create the necessary methods and procedures so you’re deliverable can be inspected to make sure it attains the goals of the documents. When the quality control department records the findings from inspecting the deliverable, you will have the proof necessary to prove to your target audience you are producing what you claim to be making.

This proof is how the quality management process will help you to attain the requirements now necessary that are set by the internationally accepted standards for the global market place. By having this record readily available when entering a new region of the world, the red tape and delays to this new market place will be reduced. This makes it easier and faster to begin the selling of your product so a new revenue stream can be developed.

By having a quality management process documented and in place, your organization will become more efficient in creating new and profitable revenue streams. With this proof, you can show any possible regulator or inspector that you are in compliance with the standards they require.

Change Management

Change Management Theory

The change management theory that is the most effective is the one that can implemented the change successfully without any disruption in to the daily work routine of the staff. Unfortunately this does not occur to often. To help increase the odds of implanting the change in the most effective manner, the creation of a change management plan is needed.

The creation of such a plan has to take into account the change management theory of little disruption. This will then require that the project manager who is creating the plan to know their staff. The information needed is their ability to learn, follow orders and their ability to accept change. This knowledge will help set the path to which is the best way to introduce the changes and how to introduce them.

The change management theory is usually a generic model that looks great on paper. This does not always mean it is practical to follow precisely within all organization. Adjustments need to be made for the staff and their real life expectations on accepting the change.

Change is not something that is general welcomed. Most workers get set into a groove or routine and do not want is disturbed. The average change management theory does not take this into account. This is the responsibility of the project manager to make the two meld together so the implementation can occur seamlessly. While this is difficult, it is possible.

What the project manager has to include from the change management theory into their change of management plan is the goals and scope of the change. These have to remain unchanged so the final results will be achieved as wanted by the upper management. This is where the disruption usually takes place even if the change is for the good of the staff that have to use it.

The change management theory is a great thing to have on paper, but can rarely be followed precisely. The staff are living beings with feelings and emotions along with different learning capabilities. All of them must be taken into account when formulation your change management plan.

Risk Management

Risk Management Worksheet

The use of a risk management worksheet is similar to that of a risk management plan, but for big projects, they will have a limit of effectiveness. This is because of the size and number of the risks involved that could impact the larger business ventures.

You can use the risk management worksheet as an accompaniment to your risk management plan. It would be like a cheat sheet of sorts. To be effective you will have to list all of the possible risks you already placed in your risk plan. Not only will the names and nature of the risks that could impact your project be listed on this worksheet, but also the paths for mitigation. This will allow for an even faster response to the risks damage when they impact your project.

Not all of the information in your risk management plan needs to be listed on the risk management worksheet. Some of the items in the plan can be eliminated. The leading ones are the risks that have already been mitigated before the project enters its execution phase of its project lifecycle. The mitigation can be from someone in your project team or an outside source. The only ones that will fall into this category will be the risks that need no action taken if and when they impact your project.

One of the most important components of the risk plan that should be on the risk management worksheet is the contacts for the third party vendors who are the alternates for supplying your raw materials. The risk that makes an impact could be as simple as a vendor not meeting your schedule. To keep your project going, you will need to fill in this gap of supplies with another party. The sooner you contact them, the faster you will be receiving the raw materials you need for your deliverable.

The risk management worksheet is just another handy little tool the project manager can use to keep their business venture progressing towards a successful conclusion. Like all tools, the proper use of it and acting fast will make all the difference in just how effective it really is.