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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Communications Plan

Using a Sample Communications Plan

By using a sample communications plan when you need to document your project’s communication pathway, the benefits will soon become obvious. This is extremely true if your sample plan was made with the same project management template program you are about to use.

There are a few precautions that you need to take when following a sample communications plan from the past. Even thou it is from your own organization, there will be some changes to what you will be creating. By using the template, you will be able to cut n paste many of the sections in, but just make sure all of the information is up to date.

One of the most common changes from your sample communications plan from the past to your current one is the list of stakeholders. This can change and an up to date list must be included in your current communications plan. Another point connected to the shareholders is if they have changed their preference for how they are to be communicated with. With the integration of cell phones, smart phones, blackberries and tables, knowing the correct line of communication to reach them will not unduly upset them when the need arises.

Your communication events along with their dates and times will have changed from the sample communications plan you are using. If these are forgotten, then your work will look unprofessional. Also make sure the same resources for the communication events are still available. If nor make the appropriate adjustments. This way the lines of communications within your organization will work as it is intended to.

By creating this kind of comprehensive communication plan and starting with the sample communications plan, you will not start from scratch. It is the best way to build on past experience and have a firm foundation to stand on.

The sample communications plan is just one of the project management tools you can use to make sure the message you are sending out is received as it was sent. This allows for all concerned parties to be informed about the same information so no ambiguity occurs when attempting to communicate.

Quality Plan

Using a Quality Management Program

Using a quality management program is the best known way of creating a product that meets or exceeds the specifications set out in the business plan for creating your revenue stream. To have a plan like this in place, it first has to be created with the correct specifications that your facility can produce on a regular basis.

The creating of a quality management program begins with knowing the limitations of your manufacturing process and the equipment you will be using. Once this is known, then you can proceed to the documentation of your quality plan. This can be done in an effeicent manner with the use of the quality management template. This preformatted document has a set path the project manager can take to filling in the required information about your quality processes and what is expected from it.

By using the template for the documenting of the quality management program, the project manager can concentrate more on the content of the plan rather than having to worry or determining what should be included and where it should be placed. This makes it possible to include greater detail that is more accurate into the plan itself that will reduce any possible delays in the execution phase of the project lifecycle.

In the quality management program, there has to be two active teams. This will include the Quality Assurance team that will create all of the documentation needed involving the processes and methods to be used to determine if the deliverable meets or fails the set specifications. This team has to know the limitations of the personnel conducting the inspections along with the most economical manner in which to conduct the inspections.

The second team in the quality management program is the Quality Control team. They are the ones that do the actual inspections and record their findings. The documents they create will be the proof needed to show regulators and customers alike that you are producing what you claim to be making.

By having a quality management program, your deliverables will be easier to pass thru the custom inspections easier so your target audience will be able to purchase them. Making it to the global market faster is key to success in today