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Monthly Archives: May 2014


Knowing Project Management Methodologies

Knowing the different types of project management methodologies can only be beneficial to your next business venture. Each one is a step by step approach to achieving your goals of having a successful project. The leading difference between the different ones is how they can accomplish your goals for you.

For most businesses there is no one type of methodology that exactly fits their needs. For this reason they merge many different project management methodologies into just one that is custom built for their plant, resources and needs. This is the best manner in which to maximize what you have while minimizes the disadvantages your organization possesses. This will then lead to an increase chance of your projects becoming successful and having a competitive deliverable when it is introduced to the global market place.

This is why there is now software to assist you in using multiple project management methodologies. The programs now available allow you to import many different methodologies and take the components and process from them that fit your particular needs. This will lead to you creating a new methodology that can maximize your strong points. By defining the new project processes in this manner, it will be easier and more efficient for you to achieve the goals and scope of the project that has been approved by the stakeholders.

Because you have combined many different project management methodologies, you will then need to document what you have used so the new methodology can be used in the future by your organization.  The addition of using templates from the appropriate other methodologies on which you borrowed the process is also a possibility.

When you are looking for just what project management methodologies you can utilize, most programs allow the importation of HTML pages, Microsoft Word and Excel to make the combining of them easier.

The using of many different project management methodologies is the best way to achieve your goals of having a successful and profitable project. This will not only make the stakeholders satisfied but also help your organization in a financial manner so it can stay in business.


Six Sigma Methodology is the Goal

The establishment of a six sigma methodology is the goal of most, if not all, businesses in the modern world. This is the creation of a project plan where the deliverables being produced only have 3.4 defects in every 1 million that are produced. This might sound like an unachievable goal, but it is now possible with the right methodology in place within your organization.

The basic concept behind the six sigma methodology is to reduce possible errors in all process and procedures involved in a project. This is a constant process where all areas of the procedure are constantly reviewed, along with modifications to processes, until no waste is possible from your production facility.

In many industries, achieving the goal of the six sigma methodology is not practical, but the effort to achieve it will have positive results on your organization. This is a path for constant improvement of your organization which will reduce the waste and costs of producing the goods you sell to the global marketplace.

For most medium and large size organizations, they will have a group whose sole responsibility is to reduce waste. They are constantly reviewing the SOP’s, procedures, and process to locate any place where waste is possible. Unfortunately, waste is just part of producing a product for the market place. Machinery breaks down or bad raw materials make their way to the production floor. This is why for most businesses, the possibility of actually achieving six sigma is only theoretical.

What is achievable is a reduction in the waste that is being produced without this process of constant improvement. This makes the implementation of the six sigma methodology advantageous for an organization to do.

Unlike the lean methodology that has a goal of reducing costs, the six sigma methodology is there to also improve the processes that are in use to increase efficiency. This will result in a reduction of waste while making all of the processes better, with the final result of being more profitable to operate.